The systematic destruction of Knockaloe Camp following the end of the war means that little evidence of the camp has survived in situ, particularly above ground. The sale of the camp huts and the return of the fields to farmland ensured the site soon regained it's pre-war appearance and the camp was forgotten by many.

Despite this Knocklaoe does have a large archaeological legacy including material culture, the camp huts and even the site itself. This site aims to draw together this material and use it to help retell the story of Knockaloe and the internees that lived in the camp.

The story of the camp is told in the museum section of the site, while the details of the material culture and documents recorded can be found within the archive. This section of the site is designed to give the details of the archaeological research that has been carried out, including the methodologies used and any results.

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Above ground remains
Small finds and documents