Knockaloe Virtual Archive


Enter the archive and search through the collection of Knockaloe material. Discover some of the official documents from the camp or take a look at some of the craftwork created in the camp. 

You can search the archive using key words, for example if you're interested in the carved bone vases type 'bone vase' into the keyword box. If you'd like to find out if other objects were made of bone then just type the word 'bone' and the search results will list everything made of that material. Alternatively you can search by individual camp or by location if you would like to look at a specific group of material from one collection such as the National Archives or Manx National Heritage.

If you are intereseted in adding your own Knockaloe material to this collection please visit the Knockaloe Objects forum.


Take a look at some of the material from the Knockaloe Archive in these themed collections. If you're not sure what to find by searching the archive this is the perfect place to start.