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It's been a while since I've added any new material to the site but there will be some new updates very soon...

The site has now moved to a new home at Hosting Yorkshire, its taken a little time to get things up and running but a huge thanks to Jonah and to Pat Gibbs of our previous host Heritage Technology for their patience and time in moving things across and ironing out the kinks.

Lights Out Tomorrow


The 4th August marks the 100th anniversary of the UK (and the Isle of Man) entering the First World War. Across the country the Lights Out initiative is inviting people across the country to switch off their lights from 10-11pm leaving just one light or candle lit in an act of remembrance and reflection.

The idea stems from the words of the Sir Edward Grey, who was the British Foreign Secretary at the outbreak of the war. On the 3rd August, facing the inevitability of a European wide conflict, he spoke the famous phrase

Knockaloe exhibition at Ramsey Town Hall - Review

Knockaloe Exhibition.

Guest blog by Paul Shanley.

With half an hour to kill in Ramsey I thought I’d pay a visit to the Knoackaloe Memorabilia Exhibit which is being held in the Town Hall between the 2nd July and the 15th. It’s been organized by Stephen Hall who has provided the exhibits and is being hosted as part of the towns national week celebrations.

Knockaloe Stamps up for Auction

A number of extremely rare Knockaloe Camp postage stamps are coming up for auction later this month.

The Stanley Gibbons sale has six Knockaloe stamps up for auction. Five of the stamps are used and have been marked with a Knocklaoe cancellation stamp, they are being sold as two pairs (lots 1092 and 1093) and a single stamp (lot 1094). Estimates suggest the single stamp may make in the region of £500-£600 while the pairs can expect to sell for £1200-£1500.

Excavations at Knockaloe

Knockaloe, looking across site of camps 2 and 4

The Centre for Manx Studies are currently carrying out some excavations at Knockaloe Camp. The test pits are uncovering elements of the camps infrastructure and uncovering small finds such as pottery and buttons.

Knockaloe Exhibition in Ramsey


Ramsey Town Hall are hosting a special exhibition on Knockaloe camp this week as part of the town's National Week celebrations. Stephen Hall who has organised the exhibition has a fantastic collection of material on the camp so if you're on the Island it is definitely worth a visit.

If you do go along it would be great to hear your thoughts and see any photos over in the forum.

Slowly coming together

Things are starting to move forward with the website with the structure and design slowly starting to come together. Unfortunately my plan to use a predesigned theme to help with the appearance has proved more complicated than I expected with a number of the elements on the homepage hard coded in making it really difficult to change them. Thankfully Pat Gibbs has been on hand to help me out with these tricky elements and I think it's finally coming together.

Website Stamp


So the websites design is finally starting to come together with a new style and a new logo. At the moment the design is a set theme available through Drupal called Blue Masters which I chose for its simplicity and cleanness.


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