Lights Out Tomorrow


The 4th August marks the 100th anniversary of the UK (and the Isle of Man) entering the First World War. Across the country the Lights Out initiative is inviting people across the country to switch off their lights from 10-11pm leaving just one light or candle lit in an act of remembrance and reflection.

The idea stems from the words of the Sir Edward Grey, who was the British Foreign Secretary at the outbreak of the war. On the 3rd August, facing the inevitability of a European wide conflict, he spoke the famous phrase

"The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime"

Around the Island, there will be a number of events including a candlelit vigil at Onchan village war memorial and a service at Peel Cathedral which will end in darkness, both starting at 10pm. The Castletown Royal British Legion will hold an open air service and last post at dusk, and a service will also be held at the national war memorial on St John's fair field at 7pm to be followed by a candlelit vigil at 10.15pm. 

In Douglas, there will be a service and last post at 7.15pm on Douglas Head followed by a further short service at 9.50pm by the Venerable Andrew Brown, Archdeacon of Man. At 10pm the decorative lights around Douglas town will be switched off along with the street lighting on Douglas Head before two large images of poppies are projected near to the war memorial. On Douglas Head you will also be able to see the commemorative poppy grown from 4,000 red geraniums and thousands of poppy seeds.

If you're not on the Isle of Man there are many other events happening all over Britain, visit the Lights Out website to find out what's happening near you

And whether you choose to attend one of the many events or take a moment to reflect at home it would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.