Craft work and Artwork  


This collection shows just a small selection of the postcards made within the camp. The cards were often produced for festivals, particularly Christmas, Easter and New Year. The designs on the cards shows scenes of Knockaloe along with typical Manx images such as the Manx cat along with darker representations of the internees longing for freedom and to return home to their families.    




Bone work

This collection of bone work shows just some of the wide range of objects the internees were producing. The bone used were generally the shin bones of cows although it is likely the internees would have used whatever was available. When bone was in short supply the Quakers purchased a ship load of bone from Argentina in order to enable the internees to keep working.




This collection represents some of the metalwork items from the camp all of which, with the exception of the interpreters badge, were made in the camp. The objects are mainly produced from white metal, often reusing the interiors of tea caddies which was collected by school children around Britain as part of a government initiative. 

Camp Life  

Sporting Activities

Sporting activities were an important part of camp life acting as a way to pass the time but also a way to keep the internees fit and healthy. This collection shows some of the sports on offer in the camp. 


Hut Interiors

Hut interiors were the places where an internee could make their mark on their own personal space - the area around their bed. This collection shows a selection of photographs and artwork showing how hut interiors were organized and decorated. 



This collection is made up of images relating to food in the camp, from the sharing out of rations to the field bakeries. With mealtimes a significant part of each day food was constantly on the mind of many internees. 



With time to pass the internees wasted no time in developing theatrical and musical societies to provide entertainment. Performances were frequent and varied and this collection provides a glimpse of the music and drama that was available at Knockaloe.