Plan of a General School Building for P.O.W. Camp 4 Knockaloe

Location: Manx National Heritage Library
Archive: Papers of James T Baily, 1915-1920
Accession #: MS 10417
# of boxes: Loose plan
Type: Map
Size: 1 sheet
Copy of record: No
Camp: Knockaloe


Ground plan of building showing reading room, glass-room x2, library office, lecture hall and 14 other rooms (classrooms?). Scale 5/4 inch = 10 feet. Elevation at scale of 3/4 inch = 1 foot. Elevation shows the building is raised above ground level on plinths. Appears to be formed of two rows of huts joined together with a central passage. Signed Knockaloe November 1916 Karl Kreklen.