Blue Notebook No. 7 P.W. 1915-19

Location: Manx National Heritage Library
Archive: Papers of James T Baily, 1915-1920
Accession #: MS 10417
# of boxes: 1 of 5
Type: Book, notebook
Size: c.50 pages
Copy of record: Yes
Camp: Knockaloe


Small notebook with blue cover. On front is 'No.7. P.W. 1915-19, 496-505, 512-516, 535-545, 546-570.Pages are numbered 546-545 and there is an index on the back inside cover.

Notebook is made up of accounts written by Baily about people and occurances in the camp. Includes section on Snowball the Egyptian prisoner and his release, escapes, barbedwire-litis. Also has some details and photos of Stobbs Camp.

In file marked 'From 1915-19 Green Scrapbook'.

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