Maps and Models

Screenshot of Knockaloe Camp Plan in Google Earth

This section of the site is designed to help you get a better idea of the size and scale of Knockaloe Camp.

Visit the Google Earth plug-in and take a look around to see a reconstruction of some of the buildings in Camp 1.

For a series of other maps including plans produced in the camp by an internee and contemporary maps and aerial photographs of the landscape click on the following link.


Plan of Knockaloe Camp in Google Earth

When the Google Earth plug-in opens please be pateint as it may take a moment to load. When you see the globe you can begin to move towards Knockaloe (at the moment there is currently no auto zoom function). As you move in closer to the Island you should be able to see the plan of the camp overlaid onto the landscape. 

The plan you will see was drawn in 1915 which shows the layout of each of the four camps and their compunds as well as a variety of buildings including the dining rooms, latrines and the staff quarters.




Google Earth Model

Screenshot of Knockaloe Camp 2 Model

The 3D Google Earth models shows a reconstruction of the layout of the accommodation huts in Camp 1. You will be able to move around the site and get an idea of the size and scale of the buildings. You will also see the plan of the camp superimposed onto the landscape and be able to get an idea of where all of the other buildings were located and how they fit into todays landscape.

You will need Google Earth to view the models. Follow the link to download the software.

To view the model click on the link below. Please be aware that the file is very large and may take some time to load. Unlike the plugin above the model will auto zoom to Knockaloe.


The plan of the camp used in the models and plugin is ©Manx National Heritage.



KnockaloeModel1.kmz2.63 MB