Territorial Training at Knockaloe

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Does anyone have any information about the supposed TA training that took place at Knocklaoe prior to WW1? I've been given these two images and told that's when they are from but I don't really know much more about it.


Someone who came to the dig open day was mentioning some documents at Dalby Church, in their heritage exhibition, that mentioned scouts going to the camp in around 1905. Not much detail I know, but perhaps a lead...

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Thanks Rachel, will see if I can get in touch with someone at Dalby Church and follow it up.

Hi Claire, MNH have a Manoeuvre's Map from 1908 including an inset plan of the Knockaloe Camp. It's pretty detailed.

I believe the 2 cards you have been given are actually of Milntown Camp at Sky Hill, as they are by Ramsey photographers (Alfred Moore and T.H. Midwood). However there were Volunteer camps at Knockaloe as early as 1903. The book 'Isle of Man 20th Century Military Archaeology, Part 1: Island Defence' by Paul Francis (still available I think) gives a full list of the annual camps and brigades involved, together with write-ups on Douglas and Knockaloe internment camps.

The photo is indeed of Milntown Camp, also popular with TA units undertaking their 2 week annual camp, something that the Army Reserves do to this day. Knockaloe was also used as it had it's own water source and not far from Peel where troops could be landed easily and then marched to the camp.

Hi Barry, thanks for getting in touch. Great to know they are Milntown, hopefully I'll come across some pictures from Knockaloe... Will have to do some more research. Thanks again, Claire

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