New material coming soon...

It's been a while since I've added any new material to the site but there will be some new updates very soon...

The site has now moved to a new home at Hosting Yorkshire, its taken a little time to get things up and running but a huge thanks to Jonah and to Pat Gibbs of our previous host Heritage Technology for their patience and time in moving things across and ironing out the kinks.

The first new additions will be to the People section of the museum. Several relatives of internees have been in touch over the last few months so I have some fantastic new biographies to add. Coupled with this will be the associated additions to the archive detailing some fantastic craft work and memorabilia.

To whet your appetites take a look at this beautiful pair of picture frames made by Christian Spindler, Internee no 22504, Hut 3, Compound 1, Camp 4.

Christian Spindler photograph frames ©G. Spindler

Following the biographies we'll have more on camp theatricals, gender, the camp railway line and life for the wives and children of internees during the war.

Don't forget to check out the forum as we've got some new posts there from relatives of internees. Perhaps you can help them find out more about their family members or maybe you have a story of your own to tell.

And if you've got any ideas for blog posts, new content or questions about Knockaloe get in touch via the forum, our Facebook page or Twitter.

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