Website Stamp


So the websites design is finally starting to come together with a new style and a new logo. At the moment the design is a set theme available through Drupal called Blue Masters which I chose for its simplicity and cleanness.

BlueMasters Theme

The home page still needs quite a bit of work as I haven't yet figured out how to change the images in the slide show or properly edit the three boxes below. Once that's rectified I'll have a series of images from the camp in the slide show with each one of the three boxes below taking taking you to a different element of the site - museum, archive,interactive. 


I've also now added a logo which will appear at the top of every page. It's actually an image of one of the camps postal stamps and I think it fits the site perfectly embodying all the different elements that made up camps essence - the huts, the barbed wire but also the creativity, production, the connections with the Isle of Man and the desire to reach out beyond the fence.


Knockaloe Camp Stamp